Hyundai Motor unveils 45 EV concept in Frankfurt am Main

Hyundai Motor Company unveils its 45th electric vehicle concept today at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2019 in Frankfurt.

As a tribute to its heritage and reimagined for the future, the 45 heralds a new era of Hyundai automotive design focused on electrification, autonomous technology and smart design. The progressive 45 puts a twist on the 45 year old Hyundai Pony Coupe Concept badge to introduce a whole new automotive experience for the self-driving cars of tomorrow.

Looking back is essential to moving forward, and the 45's impressive looks inspire the imagination and draw inspiration from the car that first defined Hyundai design, the 1974 Pony Coupe concept.

Hyundai Motor unveils 45 EV concept in Frankfurt am Main

The 45's iconic character is defined by its monocoque, aerodynamic and lightweight design inspired by 1920s aircraft. The car's name also owes a lot to the 45-degree angles front and rear, creating a diamond-shaped silhouette that further heralds the design direction of future EV models.

The new concept strips away complexity while celebrating the clean lines and minimalist structure of the original coupe concept. Combining heritage and vision, the 45 incorporates an evolution of Hyundai's "Sensuous Sportiness" design language. "Sensual" means enhancing the emotional values that customers can experience through design, and "Sportiness" is determined to realize these values through innovative mobility solutions.

Hyundai Motor unveils 45 EV concept in Frankfurt am MainOutside - style reimagined45 reimagines the concept slatted grille with a "kinetic lamp" design. The iconic exterior design with kinetic cube lamps evokes analog emotions, while at the same time applying cutting-edge technology. It also takes Hyundai's lighting architecture to the next level, allowing people to instantly recognize a vehicle from a distance. The redesigned fastback profile of the 45 embodies stability and dynamism, characteristics emphasized by the car's generous width and forward position. Precise yet vigorous external influences appear throughout the cabin, which is structured by Dynamic Daylight Opening (DLO). The DLO ends at the fast corner of the A-pillar, giving it a dynamic forward feel even when standing still.

Hyundai Motor unveils 45 EV concept in Frankfurt am MainLike a progressive EV, the new technology is visible in the design of the 45s. At the bottom of the door is a special garnish that highlights its ability to charge batteries over long distances, and thanks to active LED indicators, drivers can intuitively know how much time they can drive even before they get into the car. These thoughtful elements are designed for the user who is experiencing EV for the first time. 45 also highlights future technology developments that may affect future Hyundai models, such as the hidden camera monitoring system (CMS) that is installed in the vehicle, leaving room for self-driving systems applications and other new technologies to highlight Hyundai's open architecture on future. The system uses side cameras instead of traditional side mirrors to overcome visibility problems caused by dirt buildup on the mirror, resulting in progressively less visibility. 45 solves this problem with a built-in turntable module that rotates the lens behind the brush to ensure perfect visibility at all times.

Hyundai Motor unveils 45 EV concept in Frankfurt am MainInside - covers all aspects of the consumer's lifestyle45 embodies Hyundai's "STYLE SET FREE" strategy for future mobility, which emphasizes the personalization of design and functionality. As a new era of future mobility opens, Hyundai is reimagining the self-driving car experience. The interior becomes a unique living space that can be transformed in accordance with the various requirements for the lifestyle of passengers. Inside, Hyundai's design team dedicates space beyond driving to focus on the vehicle's evolution into living space. Inspired by furniture design, the minimalist cockpit features an attractive mix of wood, fabric and leather, creating a warm, relaxing and spacious ambience. Daylight was also considered as a design element for headlines to evoke analog emotions in a natural way.

Hyundai Motor unveils 45 EV concept in Frankfurt am MainFor passengers, the car provides a comfortable and shared environment with chaise lounge-style rear seats and front seats that can swivel to face other passengers. Pushing design and technology forward, front-seat passengers can interact with the infotainment system via a projection beam interface. It replaces the single central touchscreen with a series of displays and functions built into the instrument cluster itself. The all-electric powertrain finally allows for a complete rethinking of car packaging. The space is completely enlarged with batteries and motors located outside or under the passenger compartment.

Hyundai Motor unveils 45 EV concept in Frankfurt am MainBatteries in the 45 are installed throughout the car's "skateboard", which contributes to its spacious interior. The model's flat floor, where the batteries are stored, is referred to as the "skateboard" as it allows Hyundai to create a living room-like space with new pieces of furniture. The floor is covered with a comfortable carpet to further create a sense of living space, as well as reduce road noise. The seats pivot towards passengers, opening the door for easy entry and exit. Clean lines, ergonomic control layout, and a "high-end electronics" feel to the interior lights further enhance the sense of space while enhancing the simplistic modernity of the '45s design. The car is retooling storage space in a number of new ways, including refining the concept of pockets in door openings by introducing a horizontally elongated shape that lets you store books or tablet PCs. In addition, the vault uses a transparent material so it is easy to see.

Hyundai Motor unveils 45 EV concept in Frankfurt am Main45 will be unveiled to the world on 10 September at the IAA 2019 in Frankfurt (09:25 CET, Hall 11). Hyundai will showcase various future car technology innovations and life application integration to illustrate "STYLE SET FREE".

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