Huanghai - first-class cars made with computer assembly control

The Chinese automaker Huanghai is quite underrepresented in our market, but its cars deserve special attention. First of all, it produces a wide range of inexpensive, high-quality machines of its own design. Some of the models are designed in the context of fashion trends. This is especially true of Huanghai pickups, which do not outwardly lose to the latest ultra-large pickups. FORD.

The company mainly specializes in vehicles of increased power and cross-country ability. But in addition to SUVs and pickups, the range includes sedans, hatchbacks and other models that deserve attention. Given that, like all Chinese companies, Huanghai has a short history. Since 1984, since its inception, it has gained excellent experience and offered a curious range of vehicles.

(*) Pictured is the new Huanghai N3 pickup.

History of Huanghai

Huanghai's official name is Liaoning Shuguang Automotive Corp. Ltd. The company is engaged in the production of automotive components, assembling cars and buses. The manufacturer has quite serious developments in the field of modern suspensions and braking systems. For this reason, the Huanghai brand is quite well known in Asian markets.

The company now includes 11 factories and 4 research and design centers involved in the development. The infrastructure supports the work of 12 dealer centers in different countries and dealers. Despite a fairly powerful production base, the manufacturer can produce about 5,000 cars and about the same number of buses. Which is an order of magnitude lower than the production volumes of large manufacturers.

What led to success

The main feature of Huanghai cars is high-quality assembly on imported welding conveyors in combination with diagnostic equipment. As a result, the company has been certified by the Quality Accreditation Center of China. Not every automaker in China can boast of this mark in the portfolio of technical assets, so if Huanghai comes across, do not hesitate to order a test drive. The car in every sense will pleasantly surprise.

Huanghai Plutus
Huanghai Plutus

SUVs and pickups

Huanghai Landscape appeared in 2006. In name and appearance, it resembles the Hyundai Santa Fe. That is, the manufacturer decided to play on the visual similarity in different aspects. Moreover, Huanghai is expectedly less expensive car, but, as it may turn out in practice, little or no inferior to Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundai did not like this similarity at all and caused a pronounced conflict.

Huanghai Aurora
Huanghai Aurora

In the CIS market, consumers know mainly for the Huanghai series of SUVs and pickups, including models of cars and off-road cars:

  • landscape;
  • Antelope;
  • Aurora;
  • Plutus.

All of these cars are outwardly very beautiful, while they have a simple and reliable design, but the most important thing is unpretentiousness even in the most severe operating conditions.

Huanghai Landscape V3
Huanghai Landscape V3
Huanghai Antelope
Huanghai Antelope

Public transport

Huanghai Auto is a leading manufacturer of public transport in China. The company manufactures special vehicles for the police and served the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, 2008.

The Huanghai brand definitely deserves your attention thanks to its solid body structure, original design and first-class suspension with a brake system that never fails.

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