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What does the GMC Extended Warranty cover? (2021)

There are two GMC Extended Warranty options to choose from. The plans include benefits including roadside assistance and towing. Third Party Extended Warranty...

MPP Warranty Review (2021)

MPP Warranty Overview Our Opinion: The Mechanical Protection Plan (MPP) offers several extended warranty options for new and used vehicles, and several others...

Is the extended Mercedes warranty worth it? (2021)

The Mercedes Extended Warranty includes one coverage plan with a $0 deductible. Based on the Mercedes reliability record, it might be worth getting some extra insurance...

Should I Buy a Ford Extended Warranty?

Ford Extended Warranties, sold by Ford Motor Company, protect vehicles for up to eight years or 150,000 miles, whichever...

Protect My Car Reviews, Cost, Coverage & Service (2021)

Protect My Car Review Our Opinion: The Protect My Car reviews show that this company has a positive reputation for customer service, plan options...

Is the AutoNation extended warranty worth it? (2021)

Autonation Extended Warranty Review In our opinion: The AutoNation Extended Warranty may be a worthy choice for covering your vehicle after the factory warranty has expired, but...

Top 10 Extended Warranty Car Companies of 2021

Our team has screened over 20 popular extended warranties to find the industry's leading suppliers. Leading Warranty Companies Offer Flexible Payments...

Ally Extended Warranty: Our Review (2021)

Ally Extended Warranty In our opinion: Ally offers three vehicle protection plans, and we particularly like the Flex Coverage option for drivers who...

Pros and Cons of an Extended Car Warranty (2021)

We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an extended car warranty. An extended car warranty can put money back in your pocket when it comes to...

Concord Auto Protect: Reviews, Coverage and Cost (2021)

Concord Auto Protect Review Our Opinion: Concord Auto Protect is a new but reliable supplier with some of the highest customer ratings we have...

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