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APAC (Asia)

This topic talks about the auto industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Asia is not inferior to the US and Europe in terms of car production, and in some respects it surpasses the regions of the "old world".

JAC Motors

JAC Motors is China's powerful state-owned automobile company and a serious player Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd, a state-owned Chinese automobile company, was established in 1990...


Huanghai - first-class cars made with computer assembly control The Chinese automaker Huanghai is quite under-represented in our market, but its cars deserve special attention....

F.A.W. Haima Automobile

China's Haima Automobile Brand – Rapid Development Helps FAW Financials FAW Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. is part of the FAW concern and is better known ...
Hawtai Boliger, 2019-2020

hawtai motor

Hawtai Motor Group - Hyundai technology vehicles The Chinese company Hawtai Motor Group began in 2000 with a partnership with Hyundai Motors. In fact, by analogy...
hafei motor

hafei motor

Hafei Motor: China's best compact cars Hafei Motor Co., Ltd is a Chinese small car manufacturer with a focus on Asia. The company is part of...


The Legendary and Stunning Chinese Haval If you thought that the Chinese could not collect something worthwhile, you were completely mistaken. A striking example are the HAVAL SUVs of the company ...

Geely Automobile

Geely Automobile is China's most famous automaker When the Geely Automobile brand is mentioned, almost every foreigner perks up and thinks of the Chinese automobile company that is part of Geely...

Foton Motor

Automotive company Foton Motor - Chinese Mercedes-Benz For residents of the CIS countries, it is difficult to imagine an enterprise that is successfully developing as a result of a competent state policy. Such an example in...


Dongfeng Chinese Automobile Company - DFM brand Dongfeng Automobile Company is the largest automobile manufacturer in China. It appeared in 1969 and was originally called "Second...

Changan Automobile

Changan Automobile - a modern line and unmanned vehicles The Chinese company Changan Automobile is one of the "Big Four" automakers in China, along with Dongfeng Motor, FAW Group and...

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