Chinese car brand Haima – rapid growth helps FAW's financials

FAW Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. part of the FAW concern and better known as simply Haima. The production base is located in Hainan City and Haikou. The main activity of Haima is the production of cars under a contract for other manufacturers. At the same time, this manufacturer has a complete infrastructure for the development, design and production of cars at its base. The company also has strong contractual ties with dealer networks through which it sells cdjb cars.

To date, Haima produces passenger vehicles based on technology acquired from Mazda. Meanwhile, this does not prevent the proposed line from being in high demand among consumers.

(*) Pictured is a Haima SG00 crossover.

History of creation

At the time of establishment in 1988, the company was called "Hainan Motor" and was established to develop the automotive industry by the government of Hainan. The company positioned itself in the production of retro models. The name Haima came about as a collaboration between Mazda Motor in 1992. And it forms an abbreviation from the first letters of the founding companies.

Haima 2
Haima 2

In 2006, the enterprise has already become completely independent, becoming part of FAW. Today, thanks to the parent company, Haima products are sold in many countries around the world. The annual volume of car production is 200 thousand cars. It is a very famous and popular brand in China.

Although Haima has retained the right to use Mazda technology since its founding, the manufacturer has not agreed to any mention of the Japanese brand. At the same time, business contacts with a Japanese company have been maintained.

New factories

In 2008, the construction of a new production base in Hainan began, with a total capacity of 100,000 units per year. In 2009, there were reports in the media about the continuation of cooperation with Mazda in the technical field. It almost ended in a scandal as Haima completely copied a Mazda car. Subsequently, the partners settled the key moments. In the meantime, the manufacturer has built overseas production bases, including a deal with Derweiss to assemble cars for the Russian market. In 2016, the company began building a plant in Europe. It was the second Chinese company, after Great Wall Motor, with such experience.

Haima 3, 2019
Haima 3, 2019

Mazda technology continues to be in high demand in the Chinese and overseas markets. For this reason, for Ukrainian consumers, despite the prohibitions, one can openly call Haima a Chinese copy of Mazda, made at a high level thanks to the technical equipment of the FAW concern.

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