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Dongfeng Chinese Automobile Company - DFM brand Dongfeng Automobile Company is the largest automobile manufacturer in China. It appeared in 1969 and was originally called "Second...

Kubota Corporation

Kubota Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of smart farming equipment Kubota Corporation is a fairly well-known company in the world engaged in the production of agricultural vehicles. The headquarters is located in...

Fiat Industrial SpA & CNH Global NV

Fiat Industrial SpA & CNH Global NV - leaders in the European industrial automotive industry Fiat Industrial SpA is a division of the FIAT holding engaged in the production of industrial vehicles. The company has existed...

Miller St. Nazianz, Inc.: sustainable farming

Miller St. Nazianz Inc. Miller-St. is a leading manufacturer of sprayers. Nazianz is an American manufacturer of fertilizer equipment and machinery. The company offers a unique engineering approach to farmers who want to...

Kongskilde Agricole is a leader in agricultural technology

Kongskilde Agricole - smart farming only Kongskilde Agricole is a leading manufacturing company specializing in the production of agricultural machinery. The company is part of FIAT Industrial, or rather, is a subsidiary of CNH ...

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI)

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI): The world's largest manufacturer of marine vehicles, construction machinery and electrical goods Hyundai has been able to bring its expertise in the field of transportation to...

Isuzu Motors

Isuzu Motors is a leading manufacturer of industrial vehicles and SUVs The Japanese company Isuzu (Isuzu Motors Ltd) is a leading global manufacturer of trucks and buses, also specializing in...


Chinese car brand Lifan - full sail to success Powerful in our time concern "Lifan" appeared prosaically. It happened in 1992 when...

First Automotive Works (FAW)

The oldest Chinese automaker FAW Among Chinese car companies there are no enterprises with a hundred-year history, many of them appeared in 1990-2000, but there are also manufacturers working ...

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