JAC Motors is a powerful Chinese state-owned automobile company and a serious player

The Chinese state-owned automobile company Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd was established in 1990 on the basis of the Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Factory, which in turn was founded in 1964. We are talking about the car plant "Chianghuai", which became part of JAC Motors. Today, the manufacturer and the brand of the same name are well known to consumers in the Chinese market. The company exports cars to 100 countries around the world. Its capacities make it possible to produce 500,000 vehicles per year.

In the past, JAC Motors cars could be found on the Russian market under the TAGAZ brand. The expansion in the early 2000s was unsuccessful. A second attempt to offer products to Russian buyers in 2014 also failed.

The company is currently in the final stages of launching a new electric vehicle factory in China with Volkswagen.

(*) Pictured is JAC I5.

JAC buses and industrial machinery

In the domestic market, JAC buses are better known than passenger class cars. The company produces a wide range of electric passenger and public transport, as well as diesel and gasoline models. Among the products you can find hydraulic trolleys, dump trucks, concrete mixers.

In addition to vehicles, the company produces components, components and spare parts for its vehicles and products of other brands. Also, the manufacturer is engaged in the supply of components for automotive conveyors.

The company includes the production of consumer electronics and appliances. This makes it possible to equip buses and cars with various options without resorting to other manufacturers. JAC Motors produces music systems and players.

Buses are presented by JAC Motors in the following range:

  • 8- and 10-meter city buses;
  • 12-meter tourist buses;
  • 6- and 7-meter passenger class minibuses;
  • 9-meter intercity buses.

The range of trucks includes:

  • light trucks, designed for 2.5-3 tons.
  • trucks with increased carrying capacity, 5 and 8.5 tons;
  • trucks-trucks with a carrying capacity of 25 tons.

The company also produces forklift trucks and self-propelled carriers.

SUVs and cars

The company develops and assembles mid-size crossovers, minivans, A-class sedans, B-class compact hatchbacks, as well as large-size crossovers and SUVs.


Separately, it should be noted:

  • JAC S5 - a replica of the Hyundai ix35 crossover;
  • JAC S7 is a replica of the Lexus large crossover.

The company is seriously engaged in the development and implementation of electric vehicles. As part of the existing series, electric versions of heavy trucks and buses have already been produced.


The company's passenger electric vehicles cover up to 470 km on a single charge of a radiator-cooled lithium battery. The resource of one battery is enough for 1 million kilometers. In this market segment, JAC Motors plans to take a leading position.

Bus JAC HK6120
Bus JAC HK6120
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