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How an electric car works: what are the differences from a car on an internal combustion engine

The principle of operation of an electric car using the Tesla Model as an example: the main design features of EV cars Eco-friendly cars have appeared on sale, but technology attracts our users and compatriots with the possibility of...

How a car works: 3D animation and examples

How a car works: construction and examples If you ask a knowledgeable motorist how a car works, he will brush you off. This gesture will indicate that ...


Mopar - a company that implements an accompanying service Mopar is a manufacturing company that is part of the Chrysler Group LLC, little known in Ukraine. Initially, the company was engaged in the production ...

Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Calsonic Kansei Corporation - Japanese spare parts under the international flag The little-known in Ukraine Japanese automobile company Calsonic Kansei Corporation became more famous in Europe in 2019....

Magneti Marelli SpA

Magneti Marelli - the path to global leadership The Italian company Magneti Marelli, a European manufacturer of spare parts for cars and motorcycles, until recently was part of the FCA...

Akrapovic - the best exhaust systems in their class

Akrapovič is a leader in innovative exhaust systems for racing The Slovenian company Akrapovič is well known in the specialized market for its developments in the field of titanium exhaust systems,...

Freevalve: engines without camshaft

FREEVALVE - only new technologies for internal combustion engines Many consider FREEVALVE a sub-brand of Koenigsegg Automotive AB, this is partly correct, since the company is a subsidiary of...

Comau is the largest manufacturer of industrial automation

Comau - robotic industrial automation The Italian company Comau (COnsorzio MAcchine Utensili) is a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The Italian FIAT was one of the first manufacturers to introduce conveyor...

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