The legendary and stunning imagination of the Chinese Haval

If you thought that the Chinese could not collect something worthwhile, then you were completely mistaken. A prime example is the Great Wall Motor's HAVAL SUVs. This is a Chinese car brand that has made a serious claim to the world's "premium class". And, interestingly, it was appreciated not only by consumers, but also by developers. In 2019 Great Wall Motor released a joint model with the tuning studio BRABUS. The novelty looks very futuristic and is very similar to the concepts of automotive brands. It is already available for sale.

(*) Pictured is HAVAL F7


HAVAL is a sub-brand of Great Wall Motor. The company is engaged in crossovers, SUVs, SUVs, SUVs and pickups. The latter, by the way, in China form the bulk of sales. HAVAL was created for the foreign market and is a restyled HOVER SUV produced since 2003. I must say that even in this version they showed themselves perfectly, having passed the Arctic test in Svalbard.

Havall H9
Havall H9

As an independent brand, HAVAL appeared in 2013. Today, this brand occupies a leading position in the SUV segment. The model literally broke into the category of premium SUVs, pushing meters.

So, HAVAL to the studio

HAVAL is pronounced "Havel", but is most commonly referred to by its English transcription. In China, you can hear the name as "Hafu".

Havall H9
Havall H9

The name HAVAL is derived from the phrase "I Have All", which means "I have everything". Thus positioning the brand as a premium one. Compared to HOVER, these models have more expensive and comfortable equipment. SUVs are characterized by unprecedented cross-country ability in their class, combining power and expensive elegance.

The history of the car begins with a licensed copy of the Toyota 4Runner 1989, so the resemblance to Prado is probably not surprising. The manufacturer clearly hoped to convince consumers of the relevance of this particular model.

Haval&Brabus? 2019

Haval H3 appeared in 2003. The same model passed the EU certification, but did not enter the market as an independent brand. Haval H6 received the prestigious title of "Chinese SUV of 2012". Until the moment the brand went independent sailing, the parent company sold more than 1 million SUVs worldwide.

Classic and sport versions

In 2015, the range of the Haval brand was divided into two areas: classic and sports. As is typical for a premium brand. They differ not only in lines. In fact, these are different sub-brands that differ in logo colors and names. Haval Red and Haval Blue, respectively. It is not surprising that "blue" SUVs in this case are associated with "blue blood". And it is absolutely justified.


Like any premium brand Haval participates in the rally, this is the Dakar rally. Great Wall Motor were the only Chinese team. The Chinese took 6th place in 2012 in a modified Haval H8 off-road racing vehicle. And this is an excellent result and the beginning of a great voyage!

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