The Genesis brand showcased the Essentia concept at the 2018 New York International Auto Show. “We understand our responsibility as a luxury car manufacturer to create objects of desire, evoke passion and inspiration, highlight cultural characteristics, and exceed consumer expectations. From the point of view of technology and capabilities, Genesis Essentia provides unhindered access of the outside world to the internal devices of the car,” Manfred Fitzgerald, head of the Genesis brand, explained the goals of the release of the new platform.

Sports DNA

Genesis wants to challenge the status quo with Essentia and become the cutting edge of the Gran Turismo class.

“The Genesis Essentia concept defines our vision for an electric Gran Turismo that brings together the core elements of the class. It's sporty elegance and style DNA,” said Luc Donckerwolke, Executive Vice President, Head of Genesis Design.

New Genesis Essentia concept (2018)
New Genesis Essentia concept (2018)

Looking closer at Genesis Essentia (2018)

We notice that the front panel has "Genesis Crest Grille" written on it. Walking around the Essentia display model, it becomes apparent to sophisticated viewers that the Genesis is duplicating the "master parabolic line". This element was introduced by de Silva as a design curve and the main characteristic of the body. He largely characterizes the aerodynamic features of the new model with the help of "body language". This design technique also emphasizes the excellent length of the platform.

“The search for dynamic proportions is combined with cutting-edge aerodynamic research. This is to highlight the bionic combination of important performance and aesthetics,” said Luke Donkerwolke, Head of Design at Hyundai.

Genesis Essentia is also already a technologically unique model today. On the inside, this car feels like an immersion in science fiction.

Power and performance

There is more than what Genesis tells us. At the moment, the new Genesis Essentia electric vehicle has cutting-edge performance and power. The car, from the point of view of the consumer, has an interesting exterior and interior design.

The Genesis Essentia concept: bet on leadership and technological excellence

Photo: Genesis Motor America.

Technology and Connectivity

The general capacious concept of Genesis Essentia found expression in the following. The Genesis brand has done everything necessary to make Essentia as connected to the outside world as possible. And it gave the impression of a car coming to life.

About the event

The manufacturer will showcase the Genesis Essentia concept at the New York International Auto Show on April 8, 2018 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Photos and source: Genesis Motor America.

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