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ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen AG) – один из крупнейших немецких поставщиков запчастей, компания основана выдающимся немецким изобретателем и военным деятелем Фердинандом фон Цеппелином в 1915 году (соответствует дате регистрации в Торговой палате Германии). В настоящий момент ZF входит в 15 крупнейших мировых поставщиков запчастей.

German auto parts
Запчасти SACHS, Lemförder, BOGE, ZF

Является поставщиком продукции для Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Maserati, Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, DAF, Porsche и других автомобильных производителей.

Техническая база ориентирована преимущество на грузовой транспорт, авиапромышленность, сельскохозяйственную технику. Компания приобрела активы предприятий, отличающихся высоким техническим совершенством конструкции выпускаемых амортизаторов.

Each brand that is part of ZF is a separate enterprise with its own scientific and technical base. All German companies are well known to consumers.


Логотип Lemförder

The German company Lemförder has more than 600 patents for spare parts for steering, silent blocks and chassis elements. The largest buyer is VW-Audi Group, almost all parts for conveyor assembly are produced by this manufacturer as part of ZF. The brand's products are also purchased by almost all major automakers. Among them are BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Mercedes-benz, Renault, PSA, FIAT, DAF, MAN, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Iveco, Porsche, Scania, Toyota and others.

Lemförder suspension and steering parts are considered the best and most advanced. The product range is represented by models of supports, racks, traction units, shafts, brake drums, CV joints, steering columns, drive belts, guide rollers, brake discs, as well as parts for author's cars.

Manufactured products comply with EU regulation No. 461/2010. According to many car owners, Lemförder auto parts are superior to branded originals. Spare parts are divided into two categories: those intended for installation in the service and suitable for self-repair. This purpose is marked on the box with a special symbol. The durability of Lemförder parts far exceeds the life of most branded parts of automotive corporations. These parts are used by Volvo.


BOGE логотип

BOGE is a fairly well-known manufacturer of shock absorbers, anthers and bumpers, silent blocks and engine mounts. It is part of the ZF group. BOGE shock absorbers are exceptionally durable with 3-4 cycles of normal versions. This structural quality is achieved through the applied manufacturing process - induction hardening, surface chromium plating and micro polishing. In the manufacture, high-temperature oil treatment is used to obtain a high-strength surface layer, as well as special seals.

Амортизаторы BOGE
Амортизаторы BOGE

These German shock absorbers can be advised to people who are forced to drive off-road. BOGE will be able to solve your problems. The range is represented by three lines of shock absorbers: AutoMatic - standard, Turbo - for sports driving, Extreme - a particularly stable series of authorizers, the quality of which does not depend on driving conditions. The Boge Nivomat series allows you to adjust the height of the ride height depending on the type of riding and the season. Products are protected by a hologram (packaging and product).


logo sachs

SACHS is the largest German manufacturer of special shock absorbers. Clutches and accompanying accessories are also offered. The main feature of the brand is the use of high quality materials. As a result, the products are distinguished not only by technical innovations in the field of mechanical systems, but also by durability and reliability.

Амортизаторы Sachs
Амортизаторы Sachs

SACHS' unique offerings include:

  • repair kits;
  • dual-mass flywheels that reduce vibration;
  • clutch with XTEND system (wear compensation);
  • clutch drive systems;
  • shock absorbers with an increased level of safety and driving comfort, provide perfect traction and controllability of the car;

A distinctive feature of SACHS is the release of different types of shock absorbers to make it easier for manufacturers and end customers to choose products according to their requirements. Single and double tube struts, shock absorbers with spring plate, hydraulic ride height adjustment are offered. The company is experimenting not only with the design, but also with the materials from which the products are made.

SACHS produces lightweight aluminum dampers with variable tube wall thickness. Higher strength is provided precisely in those places that lend themselves to high mechanical loads. In other places, the ultimate subtlety is preserved. This product is designed for special purposes related to racing or hybrid car equipment, suspension struts are offered as a kit. The complex manufacturing process includes 17 production steps.

All SACHS products are subjected to numerous tests, including, in real critical conditions, in professional races. A significant part of the proposed equipment can be successfully operated on sports cars. This German company provides technical support available to all for the use of spare parts. When choosing SACHS, consumers choose to drive safely.


Until 2001, ZF included the Austrian Steyr, founded in 1864. The company had a notable history in the automotive market, since in 1929 Ferdinand Porsche came to the position of chief engineer, who disagreed with Daimler-Benz. Led by him, the Austria 21/100PS large luxury car was designed, which had the first ever engine with removable heads, independent rear wheel suspension, was equipped with Lockheed all-wheel drive hydraulic brakes.

This model was not released to the series, as the creditor Steyr requested technical support from Austro-Daimler. Offended, Porsche left the company and founded his own bureau. Subsequently, he designed the first Volks-wagen for the Third Reich, Porsche has been constantly collaborating with Volkswagen to this day.

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