It looks like Volkswagen takes everything it claims to be serious about. Artificial intelligence for cars is about to be created.

Volkswagen, NVIDIA Demonstrates Artificial Intelligence for Vehicle Deep Learning at CES

This quick note is about the fact that Volkswagen and NVIDIA (a company that actually makes video cards for gaming platforms and computers) have teamed up to work on creating artificial intelligence for the upcoming VW car line.

"Live car" is a reality

The companies shared their vision of how AI will impact Volkswagen's next generation of smart cars at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. This will be implemented for the Volkswagen ID BUZZ line.

That the cars will be environmentally friendly is understandable. But they are guaranteed to become smarter.

Volkswagen ID
Volkswagen ID

Fully electric, no emissions

It turns out that NVIDIA has already worked on such systems, that is, this is not just a random corporate deal, but already the introduction of almost ready-made technologies.

And, of course, all car companies are talking about autonomous driving as one, and VW and NVIDIA came to this party too. Passive driving, when even those people who are afraid to drive can have a car, is becoming a new automotive trend. And several companies already have such cars.

Solid foundation of MEB architecture

These new VW models will be based on the new MEB platform. In addition to the traditional platform, the automotive architecture will focus on zero emissions and digital mobility.

VW and Herbert Diess himself are so in love with the MEB system that they claim to use it for vehicles with conventional drive systems.

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize automobiles,” said Dr. Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen. Recall that it was this man who launched the BMW electric car line, made the legendary GOLF an electric car and launched the Dresden Glass Manufactory again.

Photo and source: Volkswagen of America, Inc.

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