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History of the automotive industry in Europe

The topic is devoted to the history of the automotive industry in Europe

Restoration shop Lamborghini Polo Storico works with the new Miura P400

Lamborghini has really begun to take its history seriously. Along with the certification of retro cars, there are a number of interesting trends. First of all, they are set by Lamborghini's own restoration workshop...

Maserati 8CTF - how the IndyCar legend has managed to remain popular for 80 years

After World War II began in Europe, there was a lull in the world of European racing, but this was not felt in America. Before Pearl Harbor America...

How Bugatti became a legend: the history of the Bugatti Veyron in faces

Luxurious, unique and incomparable model Bugatti Veyron got its name in honor of the French racing driver Pierre Veyron. This man was a Bugatti test driver and development engineer in...
Bugatti Type 35 1924

The history of the automotive industry in Europe: from the vintage era to the present

The turning point in the European automotive industry was the invention and use of the all-metal body by Andre Citroen. It was this fact that became the first step towards the formation of the habitual for us ...
Mercedes Benz 540K

The heyday of the automotive industry in Europe: pages of history

Why are there so many French car brands in Europe? How did the Volkswagen concern come about? What has been the secret to the success of automotive corporations since their inception? Automotive history...
benz car

History of the first car: the automotive industry in Europe

Owners of an ideally shaped and equipped Mercedes-Benz may be quite surprised if they are offered, in exchange for their impeccable-looking car, a bicycle with ...

Europe: the world's largest automotive center

Europe, despite fierce competition from the United States and Asian countries, continues to hold the position of the largest machine-building region specializing in the production of high-tech equipment and vehicles. EU...

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